Top Things To Consider When Selling Your Home

September 9, 2020

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Selling your home is no doubt a big decision. You might want to sell your house for a number of reasons – it is not only financial but also emotional. Hence sometimes home sellers are prone to making mistakes whether they are a first time seller or not. In this guide, we have compiled the top most important things to consider when selling your home.

Get the price right

The pricing of your house will make the first impression on the buyer even before they consider it. Price it too high and your house will sit on the market for days. Price it low and you might be losing a fortune. So it is imperative that you set the right price when listing your house for sale. To get started find out what your home is worth and also what homes down the area have sold for. Did you know you can get both this information from Lucky Arul Homes at free of cost and no obligation at all? Get a free home evaluation now.

Tackle any major fix-ups prior to showing

You do not want to show your house to buyers when there are major issues with it. Fix it with a professional contractor before showing your house to buyers. For instance one of the most important things to do when selling your home is to make sure there are no issues with plumbing, electrical wiring,mold growth, cracks and so on. You want your house to function properly before showing it to prospect clients.

Declutter your house and stage it

Every home seeker looks for ample storage space when they are house hunting. So you want to make sure that your house looks like it is big with lots of space before inviting buyers to see the house for sale.

Declutter your home so it looks well organized and spacious. Get rid of unwanted stuff or hide it out of sight of the buyers. You would also want to depersonalize it and remove objects that are of sentimental value to you that might put off any prospect buyers. Staging your house is very important to create the right impression on the buyers.

Light up your home

A little light can do wonders to your home so make sure you take advantage of it when selling your home. Keep the curtains open to let in natural light and if you have a dark house, use strategically placed lamps, spotlights to illuminate your home and make it feel bright and bigger. You can also use light colors in your interior to create the illusion of a brighter home. This will make your house more appealing to visitors.

Keep it fresh

One of the mistakes sellers and staggers ignore is the smell factor. How your house smells can also throw off the buyers. Give a deep cleansing to your house prior to showing. Make sure there are no cooking smells. If you have a pet, they should not be there at all during showings. Use air freshener or diffusers to make your home smelling fresh and nice.

Highlight the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your house so make sure you give it ample attention. Do some light remodelling so it looks and feels brand new. Make sure the appliances like fridge, oven are modern and updated. Give a new look to kitchen cabinets or faucets. Keep the counter empty to make it feel spacious and use lighting smartly. Invest in a kitchen upgrade without overdoing it.

Enhance the curb appeal

When a buyer comes to a showing, no matter how much you may have spent on marketing or staging, if the home exterior does not appeal to the buyer, you will lose the client. So make sure the exterior of your house looks absolutely stunning no matter what the season you are selling your home. Invest in landscaping and make sure it is properly clean. Add some planters and give it a fresh coat of paint if necessary.

Choose the best real estate agent

Last but not the least, if you do not hire the right real estate agent, your house will not sell. So before listing your house for sale, make sure you do a thorough research, get references, testimonials to make sure you sell with the right real estate agent who has the proven record to sell your house.

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