The Roadmap to Selling Your House in GTA

Road Map To Selling
September 17, 2021

Friday, September 17, 2021

Selling your home is both thrilling and a big event in your life whether you are selling it for the first time or not. It is important to be prepared so that you know what to expect beforehand and stir clear of unpleasant situations. Having an insight into the home seller’s journey can help you make smarter and better decisions so that you can sell your home smoothly and quickly for the best price. From choosing the right real estate agent, to negotiating offers to closing the deal smoothly, this free Home Seller’s roadmap will help you make your home selling journey a breeze.

1. Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Nowadays you can find real estate agents in every nook and corner of your neighbourhood. However, quality is more important than quantity. Before choosing a real estate agent to work with, it is not only important to find one who will work for your best interest but also someone you are comfortable working with. Find someone who has experience selling homes in your area, check out their reviews online and do not hesitate to meet with multiple realtors before deciding on one, after all it is one of the biggest investment decisions in your life.

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2. Deciding Your Next Move

When you have decided that it is time to move, it is important for you to know whether you should buy or sell first. This is a very frequently asked question of sellers. However, the answer is solely dependent on your current situation. You do not want to be stuck with two homes at once or be homeless. The right real estate agent will guide you and make sure when the time comes, everything is in place for you.

3. Staging Your Home

The time before you list your home is critical for developing your sales strategy. Consider if and how you will stage your home, how much you want to spend and what renovations or repairs you want to carry out. You also need to consider what kind of marketing you want to do for your listing. It is also very important that you decide on the pricing so that your house does not sit on the market for a long period. Be realistic when setting the house price.

4. Listing Your Home

When you have listed your home, it will be live on the MLS system. You should also list your property in different channels – both print and digital to get maximum exposure. Your realtor should take care of that. Make sure, your house is always ready for showing. Keep your house neat, clean, and fresh smelling. Also, make sure to get rid of any clutter or signs of pet around the house. Curb appeal is of great importance as most buyers will take it as a first impression of the house. Learn the differences between firm and conditional offer and what some of the most common conditions are that you will find with an offer.

5. Getting Ready For Closing

Once you have finalized an offer, you need to get ready for closing. The closing date is the date ownership of the property is officially transferred from the seller to the buyer. During this phase, you need to take any responsibilities you have to fulfill the buyer’s conditions and ensure all the legal formalities are completed.

6. On the Closing Day

The closing day is an exciting day where you will hand over your keys and the proceeds from the sale will be transferred to you. Congratulations! Your house is now sold! Selling a home can be both exciting and daunting but with the right guidance and informed market knowledge, you can get the best outcome. LAH Team Realty combining industry experience, knowledge and technology provides superior Real Estate services to home buyers and sellers in GTA.