How Much Time Will It Take for your house to be Sold?

Know the real worth of your home and how much time it should take to sell it through our Free Home Evaluation and Selling duration Analysis tool.

Based on statistical data, taking the national average of Homes sold, around 40% of properties get sold within the first one month of being listed on the marketplace.

Having said that, properties that do not get sold within the first one month usually remain on the market for several months and, in most cases, do not sell unless there is a significant price drop.

Various factors come into play that affects the timeline for selling your property. The most important of them are the physical condition of your home, location and neighborhood, market conditions and the asking price.

With the input of your address and a short description of your property, the system will perform a detailed market analysis by finding similar properties currently listed or sold in the neighborhood. With the help of this latest market data, we can get a realistic estimate of your home's selling price and how much time it may take to be sold once you list it on the marketplace.

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