11 Expensive Inspection Traps You Need to be Aware of

Weeks Prior to putting Your Home for Sale

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Experts have identified over 33 physical issues that will be under scrutiny at the time of a home inspection when your home goes to the market for sale. A special report has been prepared, which lists down in detail the most common problems and the things you need to be aware of about these problems prior to listing your home for sale. No matter your home is an old construction or a relatively newer one, several things may not pass the requirements during a home inspection. Any of these items can cost you a hefty amount in repair if not identified and taken care of in advance.

Thus, it is vital for you to read this special report prior to listing your home. In case you wait for the building inspector to identify these issues for you, you will suffer expensive delays in the close of your home sale and sometimes, even worse, lose prospective buyers due to these issues.

Most of the time, you can do a fair pre-inspection yourself if you are aware of what to look for. Also, knowing what to look for can prevent small problems from growing into expensive complex ones.

To assist home sellers deal with this issue before their home is listed, industry experts have compiled a FREE unique report called "11 Things You Must Know to Pass Your Home Inspection", which explains the issues involved.

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