Divorce: All You Should Know About Your Home

Your Home Loan and Taxes

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Divorce is complicated and involves several hard decisions. One of the most critical decisions is how to deal with the house.

When you are going through difficult emotional and financial turbulence, you really need non-emotional, specific and precise information and answers. When you understand how a divorce affects your house, your mortgage, and taxes, it's a lot easier to make crucial decisions. Unbiased, factual, third party information leads you towards making a logical, rather than emotional, decision.

The first decision you may need to make is whether you want to continue living in the same house. Will the known home environment bring you comfort and emotional peace, or distressing memories? Do you want to make the least change and keep living at the same place, or would you sell your existing home and relocate to a new house to start afresh?

The answers to these questions are solely yours. However, any decision you make will have some financial implications. What is your affordability? Is it possible for you to keep the existing home in the new budget? Is refinancing a viable option? Or is it more sensible to sell the old house and buy a new one? What type of home can you buy with your current budget?

To assist you in asking the right questions and deriving the correct answers based on your situation, industry experts have compiled a FREE unique report called "Divorce: All You Should Know About Your Home, Your Home Loan and Taxes."

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