COVID-19 Seller Protection Plan

We Guarantee Selling Your House "Virtually," or we shall Buy It! 

Sell Your Property While Staying Safe in your Home!

    • You don't have to leave your home.
    • You won't have buyers coming to view your house.
    • The sale will be made entirely virtually, including all the paperwork.
    • Our Covid-19 Seller & Buyer Protection Policy ensures the safety of your family when we take care of selling your house.

Many people want to sell their property without any delay while also want to avoid the risk of exposing themselves and their families to the Corona Virus. Our COVID 19 Seller & Buyer Protection Policy resolves the problem. We are now selling homes entirely virtually with no need even to enter the house. Not only do we have a big team, but also, we have managed thousands of sale transactions. We have our proprietary systems in place to ensure your family's safety.

You will be amazed to find that even BEFORE listing with me, I prepare a complete market analysis of your house for you, including a digital printout of all the comparable properties' sales and current listings in the area.

With the help of this information, we will together determine the best market value for your home. This analysis also helps decide the guaranteed price for your home and the list price, which you will receive at the very beginning and in writing even before I start to market your house.



With my team's help, I have built a database network of more than 5,000 buyers who are in search of buying a home. We match the criteria of your house to the search criteria of our database of buyers. Once matched, next, we send the virtual tour video of your property, prepared either by our own professional photographer or yourself, whichever you prefer. (If you chose to do it by yourself, we would guide you through the process). Next, we negotiate the offer between you and the potential buyer for your home to a profitable and acceptable price; if accepted, we then book a closing date and sign the sale agreements everything entirely virtually.



In the worst-case scenario, when your listed house does not sell within the time frame as agreed upon before, I will myself buy your home for the guaranteed sale price we had determined together in the beginning. However, you're still protected in two ways because in case you receive an offer on your home, which is higher than the guaranteed sale price, you obviously get the higher price offered, not mine.



Our conditions are very straightforward. Arul Sivasubramaniam and the seller must mutually agree upon the guaranteed sale price and the date of closing.


You can also think of this process as something even better than a risk-free insurance policy. At the start of the process, you receive this mutually agreed upon guaranteed price from me in writing, giving you security and relief by knowing that your house is guaranteed to sell. This is the most valuable guarantee for you as a home seller since with this; you always win regardless of what happens. Thus, I am taking over all your risk. With our guarantee, you are now confident that your home will sell, you are relieved to know that you and your family will stay safe, and you also know that you will always get to accept the highest offer on your home.

When you sign up for our COVID-19 Seller & Buyer Protection Policy, you are empowered to sell your home virtually without worrying about selling it at the cost of your family's health.

The best thing about our COVID 19 Protection Policy is that it eliminates the usual stress, worry and anxiety experienced by the majority of home sellers at this challenging time: • There is no chance of infected buyers visiting your home as the viewing is a virtual tour of your home. • You get to select the closing date. • You don't have to go through any emotional turmoil. • You won't get stuck with owning two homes; you can still sell without compromising the health of your family. Our COVID 19 Seller & Buyer Protection Policy has been set up to ensure your house selling process is safe and hassle-free even in these difficult & uncertain times.

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