Autumn Home Decor Tips and Ideas

October 15, 2020

Thursday, October 15, 2020

As we bid adieu to summer, it is time to greet the fall with its crispy weather, changing colors of the trees and enjoying the indoors more. During autumn, your home too deserves a makeover befitting the season and it is very easy to do so without breaking the bank. Here we will share with you how you can give your home a fall makeover and make it cozy so that you enjoy living in a beautiful and comfortable home.

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Bring the fall colors

Autumn is the season of vibrancy with golden, red, orange everywhere. Bring nature into your home with use of fall hues in your décor. You can use ornaments, carved pumpkins, wreaths, branches, accessories, throw pillows and what not. The sky is the limit to how you want to decorate your home but since we don’t want to go overboard, try to use stuff you already own or re-purpose.

Enhance the entrance

You can spruce up the fall décor of your home by giving your door a fresh coat of paint in fall colors like mustard yellow, orange or brown if too much bright color is not your thing. You could add beautiful wreaths, set of pumpkins and add seasonal flowers like chrysanthemums. Take care of your front yard. If you are into gardening, you might want to fertilize it to prep for the upcoming season. Also make sure to rake all the falling leaves of the entryway and yard as twigs and branches may cause accidental tripping and even injure your kids. You could also use the leaves for making wreaths, garlands and so on. Do make sure they are clean though.

If your house does not have a porch or you live in a condo, you can try having a fall outdoors vibe in the balcony too.

Cozy up the fireplace

If you have a fireplace, then it would be a crime not to giving it a fall makeover. Again, you could hang a wreath, garlands, use lots of candles or add books, oil painting that are reminiscent of autumn, pumpkins, tall vases with twigs and branches and what not. However, make sure you do not overcrowd the space with too much décor. When adding accessories remember the rule of three and interchange positions to see what works best for your home. And if you do actually use the fireplace, make sure it is clean and the chimney has been inspected too.

Get out the blankets and throw pillows

With temperatures dropping, you would want to add more layers and that should be done for your home too. Add colourful cushions, plaid blankets to keep you warm and cozy while enjoying movie night. Make sure to change the drapery too and add something heavier.

Make your home comfortable and warmer

To make sure your home is comfortable and warmer, make sure you have a professional do the necessary inspection of your heating system, cleaning air duct and replacing filters to ensure everything is in working order. Also look for gaps and cracks and seal them with caulking and weather stripping where necessary. In addition, don’t forget to prepare your home for winter by storing and covering bbq grills, outdoor furniture inside and also turn off sprinkler system, hoses to prevent bursting of pipes.

Use decorative lights

As the day starts to get shorter fast, you may want to stock up on the lights. Add lots of candles that are colourful and also scented for the season with fragrances like apple, pumpkin, and cinnamon. If you want the extra touch, you can also decorate exterior or interior with fairy lights with yellow glow for a softer touch. Do make sure all the electrical wiring are proper and candles are placed higher so that they are out of children’s reach.

When your home is set, all that is left is for you to enjoy it. Bring the warmth in your home and utilize these tips for maximum comfort. Enjoy the sweater weather and prepare for love and celebrations. In case you are looking to move into a newer home this season, please feel free to call Lucky Arul Homes at 4165189782 or email for buying or selling your home.