5 Easy Steps to Refresh Your Home This Spring

May 12, 2022

Saturday, May 12, 2022

Spring brings in a sense of renewal, and a penchant to clean, organize and refresh. You do not need to do much – a few easy tips and revamp your space into tiptop shape. You will be amazed how a few minor changes can transform your space completely.

1. Invite natural light

With warmer days you will receive more sunlight, so open those blinds and let the natural light flood into your home. Simply opening your windows can help uplift your mood and not only that but you will also save on your electric bill too. If your home does not have many windows, fake it by hanging large mirrors to reflect light and brighten up your home. Mirrors also create the illusion of a bigger space, making your home feel brighter and larger than it actually is.

2. Add neutral & minimal furniture

Adding soft-toned furniture creates a spring ambiance in any room. A white, beige or cream sofa is the perfect nesting spot to add to your spring home interiors be it the living room or bedroom. Light neutral chairs also have the ability to reflect light and keep your space from getting too much heated when the temperatures are high enough. If you do not like white furniture, simply throw in neutral-coloured slipcovers that you can change seasonally and remove them once cooler temperatures set back.

3. Incorporate natural elements

Spring is the best time to add lightweight natural elements to your decor — you can use wicker, woven baskets, sheer curtains, etc. to keep the space light and bright. Also replace heavy blankets for winter with spring inspired throw blankets, and complement with colourful home décor accessories. By adding natural materials to your home décor you invite nature inside your home for a fresh and vibrant feeling that will make you feel and enjoy the season of spring more.

4. Do not forget pops of color

Spring is also the perfect time to get rid of all those depressing blacks and grays of winter, so transform them with colors that are brighter and cheerful. Yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple are all colors that invoke spring and sunshine. Select your favourite three colours from the rainbow and simply play with them. Try incorporating pastel throw pillows, lime yellow candles, or pink decorative accents.

5. Go green and feel the freshness

Spring is incomplete without the touch of greenery. So add plenty of potted plants, vases of freshly cut flowers and herb gardens to your home. They not only beautify the space but also help you breathe easy and refresh the space. You can also settle for faux plants or flowers if you find taking care of plants a real hassle. Whether you want to revamp only a few rooms in your house or transform your entire house, these are some easy steps to give your home a spring vibe. From playing with colors to being inspired by spring, you can definitely give your home a brand new look which will also refresh your spirits.