4 Bedroom Design Mistakes to Avoid for Peaceful Sleep

October 28, 2022

Friday, October 2022

Your bedroom should be your ultimate sanctuary: a place to retreat after a long tiring day. However, if your bedroom makes you feel stressed, or gives you anxiety, then changing a few things in your bedroom design or décor can create a relaxing atmosphere for a peaceful night of undisturbed sleep. Here we’ve identified the four common bedroom decor mistakes most people tend to make along with giving their simple solutions.

Design mistake #1: Loud Colours

Selecting loud and bright colours for your bedroom such as yellows, oranges, or reds can be highly disorienting. These shades are much more suitable for more active areas of the home like the kitchen and dining room.

Solution: You can never go wrong with light, soft colours. For instance, scientifically speaking, in order to promote restful sleep, you should make our bedroom colour as soothing as possible and the colour blue has been found to promote calmness.

Design mistake #2: Cluttered Space

You can make your bedroom feel too cramped or small if you arrange all the furniture up against the wall, leaving no room. Clutter here and there in the room can also induce stress and anxiety without any reason.

Solution: Create a proper flow by leaving gaps between furniture and the wall. Try to purchase furniture that are slim and have clean lines instead of adding heavy and bulky furniture.

Also, if you have a small bedroom, incorporate alternative storage solutions like a bed with built-in drawers. They can be life savers as well space savers. Don’t have stuff just lying around; making your bed in the morning can actually give you a restful night when you come home to an organized bedroom.

Design mistake #3: Too much light

Although natural light is welcome in most of our rooms but having the sunlight waking you up rudely in the morning is not a pleasant feeling. In addition, for night time, you should not have too much artificial light in your bedroom which can keep you up late at night.

Solution: Add proper window treatments suited for your bedroom. Dark coloured curtains are favourable for your bedroom, especially if the room receives too much sunlight in the morning. For night time, consider ambience lighting, or add a dimmer.

Design mistake #4: Zero aesthetics

If you use your bedroom only for sleeping in and storing clothes, chances are you wouldn’t want to spend too much time in the room. Don’t make your bedroom strictly functional but try to make it aesthetically pleasant too.

Solution: Your bedroom should be a space you look forward to coming back to; so take time to make it pleasant and soothing. Give it some character by adding small décor items that are meaningful to you, and give you joy, such as some touch of greenery, some small décor items, photo-memorabilia and so on.