10 Low Maintenance Houseplants That Are Hard to Kill

March 25, 2022

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Do you want to fill your home with greenery but struggle with keeping plants alive? Here are 10 houseplants that are easy to maintain but very difficult to kill.

1. Spider plants – You will see these plants in nearly every home as it is super low maintenance and very easy to grow. They need a lot of light but not direct sunlight. They can also live in dark environments. Even if you forget to water them for a few days or neglect to fertilize them, they will rarely die out.

2. Ivy- Ivy is another easy to grow climbing plant which can thrive in shade and sun both. It adapts to all temperatures easily. If you notice the soil is completely dried out, no problem at all—soak the plant in lukewarm water, and it will spring back to life in no time.

3. Snake Plant – Snake plant requires a decent amount of light, however it can wither in direct sunlight. Water it only once a week. In the summer, you can take it out to revitalize your garden. Remember to replant it once in every three years during spring..

4. Peace Lilies - Spathiphyllum also known as peace lilies bloom throughout the year. Remember to keep the soil moist. Do not forget to fertilize it in summer, and wipe the leaves to keep it dust free.

5. Air Plants – Air plants like spider plants are also super easy to grow. They do not need any soil. You can hang them on a piece of rock, wood, or anywhere you want. They require lots of light but not direct sunlight. They also need good ventilation and high humidity.

6. Kentia Palm – Want a tropical vibe in your home? The kentia palm will make you feel like you are in a different country, beneath the shade of a palm tree. Maintain your kentia palm by putting it in a place that has light but not in direct sunlight. Water only when the soil is dry and fertilize twice a month.

7. Boston Fern - Another great green addition to your house if it is not so bright is the Boston fern, also called the sword fern. It is not only easy to maintain but it also purifies the air inside. It does require high humidity, so water it regularly but make sure to let the soil dry in between watering.

8. Aloe- With its preference for indirect light, aloe would love be a great low maintenance addition on your desk or bedside table. Do not forget to give it a good watering once or twice a week for optimal growth.

9. Pothos- Want something to freshen up a space that doesn’t get much sunlight? The pothos is the plant for you! It can easily thrive in various light conditions, even under fluorescent light and basic soil mix. Water it once or twice a week to keep it healthy, making sure the soil is dry before watering.

10. Chinese Money Plant - Pilea Peperomioides or Chinese money plant is a succulent plant with round shaped leaves that requires watering twice a week. Make sure to remove water from the saucer after each watering and place it in a bright space and it will live practically forever.